Some songs are evocative of a time and place through the singer’s voice; some through the music. Some have the entire package, so that you slip into the song and feel completely transported to that time and place – and this is the case with the new Americana single ‘Bring to the Dawn’ by Pete Campbell” - Sophie Hamley

Sunburnt Country Music


Campbell's blend of folk, blues and country aligns him with modern Americana but it's clear his influences are wide ranging, from iconic artists such as Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and The Allman Brothers to contemporary songwriters such as Paul Kelly, Neil Finn and Bernard Fanning.

Campbell's songs are a sidewalk cafe, a mood, a glimpse in the mirror. His voice is authentic and intimate, floating with a warmth and a country quality filtered through urban dust. Campbell will release his debut EP in 2022.



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Pete Campbell is a Singer-Songwriter blending a unique style of folk and blues. The influences are there to see, paying respect to the masters of story but in his own tone. His guitar and voice come together as one intimate force.

He has co-written, collaborated and shared the stage with many. A musical journeyman but yet to tell his story.

Pete’s songs are a sidewalk cafe, a mood, a glimpse in the mirror. His voice is authentic and floats with a warmth that’s not quite country but more urban dust. Pete has quickly developed the reputation as a must see live in his hometown Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

2022 will see Pete release his debut EP and take it abroad to audiences.