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Following the release of his debut EP A Second Glance in 2022 and a busy 15 months of live performances, Sydney troubadour Pete Campbell returns with 'Nest For You', the first single from his forthcoming second EP Parley, due out on November 24th.

'Nest For You' is the first taste of the next stage in the evolution of Pete Campbell as a solo artist. Prior to his debut EP, Pete had undertaken a musical sabbatical from the local scene, previously having played lead guitar with 90s/00s Sydney bands including Brave and Crazy and Maryanne Rex Band. Pete has co-written, collaborated and shared the stage with many. In a sense he's a musical journeyman but one who, up until fairly recently, hadn't told his own story.

The new single finds Pete leaning into a beautifully swaying acoustic guitar and heartstring violin folk rock sound, as he sings about the universal theme of conflicting goals and opportunities in relationships.

Even though it's a song that pre-dates his debut EP, it wasn't until recently that he found the right way to capture the song in the studio. It's a perfect example of how Pete's approach to his music has matured and his natural strengths of mood and melody have become increasingly focused and refined.

Parley is defined as a 'conference between opposing sides in a dispute, especially a discussion of terms for an armistice' – a meaning that ties in symbiotically ties in with many of the themes Pete sings about the EP. "Many of the songs are conversational, some with a little conflict, he explains. "That seemed to tie-in strongly with the concept of parley and I've also always loved the word, in a language sense." 

Again working with producer and bassist Marc Scully (Studio 57 Recording), Pete utilised the talents of a number of Sydney musicians to realise his vision for the new EP, including the talented violinist Marcus Holden and James Swanson who returns to add his light, intuitive and spacious drumming.

Opener 'Bottom Of The Lake' features haunting harmonica from Reuben Alexander as Pete sings of desperation and resignation. Jadey O'Regan provides some evocative tone and colour on piano and organ on 'Away', and Ben Thomas adds a distinct Appalachian banjo feel to the closing track. Pete describes Thomas's playing as "giving bones to 'My Door'. It's the real glue in that song!"

Ellen Soffe's (Ellen and the Ooroos) voice can be heard right across the EP but it's 'Silence', a song about being perfectly different together and complementing each other, where she really shines. Her low register and unique airy vocal complements and contrasts with Pete's keening, searching singing style, their two voices mirroring the theme of the song in exquisite unison. 

Pete's debut EP of last year, A Second Glance, featured the singles 'Bring To The Dawn', about early morning thoughts and fears and putting on a brave face when battling shadows and doubt each day, and 'Waltz For The Common' which also featured the mesmerising and heartfelt sway of Maya Simmons's voice and Marcus Holden's mandolin and violin playing.

Campbell's blend of acoustic and electric folk styles – from Appalachia and London, to the streets of Sydney – combined with blues, country and Americana, show that his influences are wide-ranging, from iconic artists such as Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and The Allman Brothers, to contemporary Antipodean songwriters such as Paul Kelly, Neil Finn and Bernard Fanning.

The results of Pete's musical discussions between the past and the present prove comprehensively that Parley is a conversation worth having.